Boaters Are Reminded of Lock Fees at Crooked River Lock: MI

Article Posted: May 26, 2005

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Boaters Are Reminded of Lock Fees at Crooked River Lock

With the weekday opening of the Crooked River Lock beginning Memorial Day, May 30, state recreation officials remind boaters of the new fee implemented in April 2005.

Fees have been collected since Saturday, April 23 from watercraft that pass through the Crooked River Lock on northern Michigan's Inland Waterway. All recreational watercraft, including jet skis, will pay $4 to pass through the locks and commercial vessels will be charged $8. A $30 annual pass is available for recreational watercraft and $60 for commercial watercraft. Law enforcement craft are exempt from paying the fee.

The same fees are charged at the Cheboygan River Lock, also operated by the Department of Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Division.

"Collecting the same fee at both locations will make it consistent for boaters along the Inland Waterway and raise revenue to cover the lock's cost of operation and make necessary future repairs to keep this popular recreation opportunity available," said DNR Parks and Recreation Chief Ron Olson.

The fees were supported by the state Waterways Commission as part of the 2005 fiscal year budget including transient slip rates, access fees and lock rates.

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