2005 Fishing Guides Available at all License Dealers: MI

Article Posted: March 26, 2005

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2005 Fishing Guides Available at all License Dealers

State recreation officials today reminded Michigan anglers that copies of the 2005 Michigan Fishing Guide are available at more than 1,700 license dealers and at many Department of Natural Resources offices statewide.

Although 2005 fishing licenses have been on sale since March 1, 2004 fishing licenses remain valid until April 1, and anglers should note that 2004 fishing regulations remain in effect through March 31.

Major regulation changes for the upcoming fishing season are listed on page 3 of the 2005 Michigan Fishing Guide; however, other regulation changes exist throughout the guide, so anglers are advised to review each page prior to going fishing.

Anglers also should note that Table 2, General Hook & Line Regulations, page 8, incorrectly lists menominee along with lake whitefish and lake herring (cisco). Menominee should be included under "all others" species, which have no closed season, no size limit and no possession limit.

Menominee, or round whitefish, are members of the salmon family. A menominee can be distinguished from other salmon by its larger scales; smaller mouth and longer, cylindrical body. Similar to lake whitefish, menominee are smaller, generally growing between 10 and 20 inches long. Menominee inhabit all the Great Lakes except Lake Erie, often utilizing shallower waters of these deep lakes. They are popular among pier anglers when they enter shallower waters in April and May and again in October and November.

The DNR is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state's natural resources for current and future generations.

Source: MDNR

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