Hunter Input Sought on QDM Guidelines: MI

Article Posted: February 03, 2005

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Hunter Input Sought on QDM Guidelines

State wildlife officials today announced they are seeking public
comment on new guidelines for proposing mandatory Quality Deer
Management (QDM) regulations in selected deer management units.

The Department of Natural Resources supports the voluntary
implementation of QDM in Michigan. These guidelines are being modified
to provide a method for organizations to present proposals for mandatory
QDM regulations to the Natural Resources Commission.

Since the QDM process was adopted in 1999, the DNR has received 11
proposals for mandatory QDM regulations. Three proposals have been
approved by the Natural Resources Commission and QDM regulations
currently exist in four Upper Peninsula DMUs and one northern Lower
Peninsula DMU. Three other DMUs with a "no spike rule" were established
prior to the current procedure being adopted.

The draft QDM guidelines are available on the DNR Web site at, and at DNR Operations Service Centers and
Wildlife Division field offices.

Comments will be accepted through July. All comments will be given full
consideration. Comments and suggestions for change should include an
explanation of why those changes are necessary. A revision to the
guidelines will be drafted later this year, with a target date for
presentation to the NRC in December.

Comments may be sent via e-mail to or
mailed to the Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Division QDM
Guidelines, P.O. Box 30444, Lansing MI 48809-7944.

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