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Article Posted: March 12, 2004

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Discover wildlife viewing on the web

Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials today announced the Mar. 15 launch of the Wildlife Viewing web site.

Michigan is the first state in the nation to make the popular Wildlife Viewing guidebook available online. First published in 1994 in cooperation with Michigan State University, it highlights 121 of the best places in Michigan to view wildlife.

“The goal of the wildlife viewing program is to assist Michigan residents in finding optimal places to see and enjoy the diversity of wildlife found in Michigan.” said Ray Rustem, Supervisor of the Wildlife Division Natural Heritage Unit. “Placing the guide online makes this information more accessible.”

Each viewing area description includes information on habitat types, wildlife that can be viewed, the best viewing times, and a map to the viewing site. There also are links provided to help visitors find local lodging and dining destinations and volunteer activities that involve the public.

This project was supported with citizen contributions to the Nongame Fish and Wildlife Fund and with funding from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service through the Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Program.

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