U.P. walleye, pike and muskie season ends Feb. 29: MI

Article Posted: February 20, 2004

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U.P. walleye, pike and muskie season ends Feb. 29

State Department of Natural Resources officials today announced that, due to Leap Year adding one more day to the month of February in 2004, the walleye, northern pike and muskellunge season in the Upper Peninsula and U.P. waters of the Great Lakes extends through midnight on Feb. 29.

The 2003 Michigan Fishing Guide, effective through the end of March 2004, states on p. 20 that the season for those three species in Upper Peninsula waters concludes on Feb. 28. The date is meant to convey the last day of February. In light of the Leap Year, state fishery officials clarified that the season extends through the weekend.

“This allows anglers in the U.P. a full weekend of fishing opportunity before the season concludes,” said Lt. Thomas Courchaine, DNR Law Enforcement Division.

The seasons for walleye, northern pike and muskie, resumes May 15, 2004.

Source: MDNR

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