Reward offered in wolf shooting case: MI

Article Posted: July 08, 2003

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Reward offered in wolf shooting case

Officials from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Report-All-Poaching Unit, in cooperation with the Defenders of Wildlife, today announced a $4,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the late-May shooting death of a 3-year-old female wolf, found in Gogebic County.

“We found the animal in Ironwood Township, near Powers Road,” said Lt. Thomas Courchaine, District 3 Law Supervisor for the DNR in Crystal Falls. “The effort to secure information in this and other cases related to the illegal killing of wolves is vital, and we are counting on the public to help resolve this crime.”

Courchaine noted that the recent change in federal and state classification of Great Lakes wolves, from Endangered to Threatened, does not impact legal protections for the animals.

Like bald eagles, peregrine falcons, fisher, moose and other animals, wolves play an important role in the ecosystem. They are also a vital part of Michigan’s outdoor heritage. They are an indicator of the wildest of Michigan’s land, and therefore, a barometer of environmental quality. There is no evidence that wolves pose a threat to humans.

The Defenders of Wildlife organization is dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities. Their programs encourage the protection of whole ecosystems and their interconnected habitats while protecting predators that serve as indicator species for ecosystem health.

Anyone who has information on this or any poaching violation should contact the DNR RAP hotline at 1-800-292-7800. Information can be provided anonymously.

For more information contact Lt. Courchaine at 906-875-6622, or the DNR website,

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