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Article Posted: May 13, 2003

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ORV Trails Advisory Board members announced

Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials today announced the appointment of five new members to the Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Trails Advisory Board, a seven-member public body appointed by the DNR Director to serve as a liaison between the DNR and ORV enthusiasts and interest groups.

Adam Bump, of Owosso, is appointed to represent natural resource, conservation or environmental groups; John Ford, of Ceresco, represents natural resource, conservation or environmental groups; Errol Lee, of Boyne Falls, represents the public at large; Glenn Moll, of Newberry, represents ORV enthusiasts; and Dick Ranney, of National City, represents ORV enthusiasts.

They join existing members: Kalkaska County Sheriff Jerry Cannon, representing law enforcement, and Richard Rondeau, President of the Michigan All-Terrain Vehicle Association, representing ORV enthusiasts. The group’s next meeting is May 14, at 6:30 pm, at the Holiday Inn West in Lansing.

The Advisory Board is charged with identifying, reviewing, evaluating and advising the DNR regarding ORV program issues, including ORV policy, rules, regulations and standards; grant criteria; statewide ORV plans; forest trails, routes and areas that should be designated trails by the DNR; the effectiveness of the ORV Safety Education and Training Program; land areas needing restoration; the effectiveness of the “closed unless posted open” rule; and options for long-term restoration and maintenance of the ORV system.

Those interested in attending a meeting or receiving more information regarding the ORV Trails Advisory Board and future meeting dates and locations, should contact the Recreation and Trails Section at 517-373-2891, or visit the website at www.michigan.gov/dnr, under “Inside the DNR.”

Source: MDNR

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