Turkey decoy to aid DNR Law Enforcement: MI

Article Posted: April 25, 2003

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Turkey decoy to aid DNR Law Enforcement

State conservation officials today announced the addition of a robotic turkey to Michigan’s enforcement arsenal.

The decoy, scheduled for field duty in Cheboygan and Presque Isle counties throughout the spring turkey hunting season, helps Department of Natural Resources law enforcement officers nab poachers. The life-like unit was donated by the Black Mountain Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, whose goals include protecting and enhancing wild turkey populations throughout the country.

The decoy is a full mount of an eastern wild turkey, complete with remote-control robotics which allow officers to direct its movements from a distance.

“The decoy will be set up in such a manner as to apprehend deliberate offenders,” said Sgt. Greg Drowgowski, DNR Law Enforcement Division. Drogowski recently attended the NWTF Black Mountain Chapter’s annual banquet, where he accepted the decoy on behalf of the DNR and offered a brief presentation on the use of wildlife decoys for enforcement purposes.

“It is encouraging to see sporting groups working to assist the DNR in protecting our resources and helping to maintain a strong partnership in the enforcement of wildlife laws,” Drowgowski said. “We are grateful for this new law enforcement tool, and will put it to good use this spring.”

For more information, contact Drowgowski or Lt. Dave Davis at (989) 732-3541

Source: MDNR

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