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Article Posted: April 18, 2003

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Public urged to report Osprey sightings

State Natural Resources officials are asking the public to report any sightings of osprey, particularly in the areas of the Maple River, north of St. Johns, and Kensington Metropark near Brighton.

For the last five years, the DNR Natural Heritage Program has funded a reintroduction effort, transfering osprey chicks from the northern Lower Peninsula to south-central Michigan. After fledging, the young ospreys migrate to South America to winter. Once they have reached two-three years of age, males often return to their natal area to nest.

It is hoped that a population will develop in southern Michigan and expand their range along rivers and other floodings. The osprey from the program will be marked with a silver metal band on one leg and a green metal band with an alpha-numeric code on the other leg.

If any of these birds are seen in southern lower Michigan, the sighting can be reported to the DNR office at 248-328-8113 or e-mail: Observation reports may also be called into the Metropark office at 800-477-2757 or e-mail: Observations can also be reported to Lori Sargent at the DNR Wildlife Division in Lansing at 517-373-1263 or e-mail: or online at the DNR web site (

Please report only those osprey observed in the southern part of lower Michigan. Any information will be useful including location, time, activity (flying, fishing, etc.), and markings. It is especially important to note if the bird is banded and, if possible, the number on the band. The osprey program is funded through the DNR’s Nongame Fish and Wildlife Fund and Federal State Wildlife Grant Funding. Support this important work by “Looking for the Loon” and visiting a Secretary of State’s office to purchase your Wildlife Habitat license plate or download an order form from their web site at

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