Coalition working for cleaner forests: MI

Article Posted: April 18, 2003

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Coalition working for cleaner forests

Conservation officials today announced a website dedicated to promoting clean forests throughout the state.

The Michigan Coalition for Clean Forests, a coalition of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the United States Forest Service, the Michigan Forest Resource Alliance and various other corporations and organizations, also announced their new website,

The mission of MCCF is to eradicate trash that has been illegally dumped on public land. This is accomplished through physical cleanup, increased law enforcement, improved disposal options and public education.

The new website is interactive, complete with a searchable database to locate and report trash that has been dumped in your county. The website has pertinent links to environmental laws and similar programs in other states, suggestions on how to dispose of items properly, as well as a link to wildlife information. Citizens can use this website as a tool to become active and take a leadership role in their communities.

Once trash sites are reported, they are turned over to law enforcement agencies in the event proof of dumping can be found. Many of the sites are cleaned up by concerned citizens along with community service workers who agree to work on cleanups in lieu of fines or imprisonment.

For more information, contact Ada Takacs, Volunteer Coordinator, Adopt-A-Forest Program, at 989-275-5151, Extension 2049, DNR Forest, Mineral and Fire Management, Roscommon Operations Service Center, 8717 N. Roscommon Road, Roscommon, MI 48653, or visit the website at

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