Parks announce carry in, carry out program: MI

Article Posted: April 09, 2003

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Parks announce carry in, carry out program

Day users at Michigan state parks, recreation areas and linear trails will be asked to carry out everything they carry in under a new program announced today.

The Carry In, Carry Out Trash Free Parks program asks day users at more than 35 facilities to remove their own refuse. Signs in day-use areas and at trail heads will inform visitors of the program. Small plastic bags will be available from dispensers in picnic areas for visitors to use. Large groups, however, are encouraged to bring their own larger bags. Campgrounds are not part of the program.

The goals of the program are to improve the overall appearance and safety of the parks through the removal of unsightly, pest-attracting refuse containers, as well as to promote an outdoor ethic embracing the idea that park users are active partners in the stewardship of our natural resources. Officials hope it also discourages wasteful picnic practices and encourages reusing and recycling and ensure more productive use of park staff time by limiting the time spent on trash removal.

At least 23 other state park systems across the United States have been reaping the benefits of this type of program. Park visitors only need to make small changes to see significant waste reduction. Visitors are encouraged to:

* use reusable food containers, napkins and tablecloths

* avoid single serving or individually wrapped products

* recycle such items as glass, Styrofoam and plastics.

State parks participating include: Bewabic, Cheboygan, Clear Lake, Harrisville, Hoffmaster, Holland, Lakeport, Ludington, Maybury, McLain, Mitchell, Muskegon, Muskallonge, North Higgins Lake, Orchard Beach, Port Crescent, Seven Lakes, Silver Lake, Sleeper, South Higgins Lake, Traverse City, Van Riper and Wilson.

Recreation areas include: Bald Mountain, Bay City, Brighton, Fort Custer, Holly, Ionia, Metamora- Hadley and Pinckney. Trail parks include: Hart-Montague, Kal-Haven, Lakelands, Van Buren and White Pine.

For more information, contact Colleen Steinman at 517-373-0399.

Campers throughout Michigan are reminded to exercise extreme caution when transporting firewood this year. The Emerald Ash Borer is a new exotic pest found in Southeast Michigan that quickly kills ash trees. Firewood infested with this, or any other exotic insects and diseases, can easily be spread across the state. Campers are urged to use local sources of firewood, and burn all firewood before returning home. For more information, visit the state’s Emerald Ash Borer website at

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