Trail review board begins public meetings: MI

Article Posted: March 29, 2003

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Trail review board begins public meetings

Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials today announced the formation of the Cheboygan Gaylord Trail (CGT) Advisory Workgroup.

The advisory group is charged with reviewing trail usage for the Cheboygan-Gaylord trail and making specific recommendations to the DNR later this summer.

“The DNR received many names from individuals wishing to represent their particular interest,” said DNR Forest, Mineral and Fire Management Chief Mindy Koch. “We have selected 18 representatives from a variety of interest groups, including business, local government, adjacent land owners, and regional and statewide trail user groups, to form this advisory panel. Each member was selected based on their particular interest and ability to look objectively at the issues associated with this trail.”

The DNR is charged with planning, acquiring, developing, and operating trailways in Michigan. The Cheboygan Gaylord trail is a valuable corridor, providing a variety of recreational and economic benefits to the region. Since its acquisition, the DNR has received a growing number of requests from users, business interests and individuals - local and statewide - to review and consider various trail uses.

The workgroup is charged with examining all trail development and management issues, gathering public input and generating recommendations for future trail use and improvements by this summer.

The first meeting of the workgroup is April 3, at 7:00 p.m., at the Tuscarora Township Hall in Indian River, Michigan. At this organizational meeting, the workgroup members will be able to meet other members. While there is no specific trail management issue on this agenda, there will be time set aside for public input.

For more information, contact William O’ Neill, DNR Gaylord Operations Service Center, at 989-732-3541.

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