February means fun at Eddy Discovery Center : MI

Article Posted: January 29, 2003

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February means fun at Eddy Discovery Center

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources today announced four February programs at the Eddy Discovery Center in the Waterloo Recreation Area. Advance registration is required. To register, call 734-475-3170. There is a fee of $2 per person or $5 per family for the Sunday programs, which are sponsored by the Waterloo Natural History Association. Saturday programs are free.

* Woodchuck Walk: Saturday, Feb. 1, 2 p.m. In honor of Groundhog Day, find out if the woodchuck, a.k.a. groundhog, really comes out of hibernation to look for its shadow. Walk begins at the discovery center.

* Hickory Hills Trail Hike: Saturday, Feb. 8, 2 p.m. Join the park interpreter for a guided hike along this semi-difficult trail through the thick forest, which offers quite a bit of up-and-down hiking and a terrific view of Crooked Lake from the steepest hill. It’s a great way to work off those holiday calories! Meet at the park headquarters on McClure Road.

* Owl Prowl: Sunday, Feb. 9, 4 p.m. Naturalist Tom Hodgson presents an interesting look into the unusual world of these nocturnal predators. The program concludes with a walk to “talk to the owls.” Participants also will receive an owl pellet--with instructions on how to discover what the owl has eaten. Fee: $2/person or $5/family.

* Bones or No Bones: Sunday, Feb. 23, 2 p.m. What makes a vertebrate? All ages will enjoy this entertaining, interactive program by naturalist Paul McCormack that features several live creatures for the audience to see and touch. Fee: $2/person or $5/family.

The Eddy Discovery Center is located on Bush Road between Pierce and McClure Roads in Chelsea. A state park motor vehicle permit is required for entry. Permits are $4 for the day or $20 for an annual, which is valid at any state park. To reach the discovery center, take I-94 to exit 157; go north to Bush Road and follow the signs.

Source: MDNR

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