Open house will focus on Roscommon forest: MI

Article Posted: January 10, 2003

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Open house will focus on Roscommon forest

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources will host a Jan. 15
open house to provide information and seek public comment on recently
completed field inventory and proposed forest management activities in
the Roscommon Forest Management Unit.
The open house runs 3-7 p.m. at the Roscommon Field Office,
located behind the DNR Operations Service Center at 8717 N. Roscommon
Road, just north of Exit 239 off I-75.
Each year, DNR personnel inventory and evaluate one-tenth of the
state forest lands. The collected information spans a wide range of
social, biological, and economic factors. It includes the health,
quality, and quantity of vegetative types; wildlife and fisheries
habitat conditions and needs; recreational use; archaeological sites;
threatened and endangered species occurrences and habitats; road and
trail access; oil and gas activities; wildfire potentials; inappropriate
use of state lands; erosion problem areas; and land use in and around
the compartments.
Proposed treatments and management activities are based on this
information. The open house will be followed by a formal compartment
review to finalize proposed management activities for these areas. The
review is scheduled for Feb. 5, starting at 9 a.m. at the Roscommon
Operations Service Center.
The open house allows interested people to review the proposed
treatments and other management activities and offer input. It also
provides an opportunity to talk in general with local foresters and
biologists about issues of interest.
Each forest management unit is divided into smaller units or
compartments to facilitate better administration of the resources.
Compartments in the following townships are under review this year:
" Roscommon County: Lyon, Markey, Gerrish, Higgins, Roscommon,
Denton, Backus, AuSable, Richfield, Nester
" Ogemaw County: Foster, Klacking

For more information, contact Donald Torchia, Unit Manager, at
989-275-4622, or John Pilon, Forest Planner, at 989-275-5151 ext 2045 or

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