Firearm deer season accidents remain low: MI

Article Posted: December 05, 2002

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Firearm deer season accidents remain low

Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials today announced the
2002 firearm deer season was the third-safest season on record.
Throughout the 16-day season, one firearm fatality and 17 non-fatal
injuries occurred. This follows the previous safest season on record,
2001, when one fatality and 14 non-fatal injuries occurred and 1996,
when one fatality and 15 non-fatal injuries occurred.
The lone firearm-related fatality, as well as three non-fatal injuries,
resulted from violations of law and/or safety practices. The non-fatal
firearms incidents included 12 self-inflicted injuries. One individual
died as a result of a tree-stand fall.
Any fatality or serious injury related to hunting is tragic; however,
most of these incidents are preventable. Michigan's overall safety
record continues to be the best in the nation. Credit belongs to hunter
education efforts, safety laws (especially hunter orange, now in its
25th year) and to those individuals who volunteer their time to instruct
students or who work to enforce the natural resources laws. Michigan
hunters, by observing the laws and safety guidelines, have helped
contribute to a 50% reduction in hunting-related injuries over the past

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