Information sought in wolf deaths:

Article Posted: October 23, 2002

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Information sought in wolf deaths

Michigan Department of Natural Resources law enforcement officials are
seeking information in connection with the death of four wolves in the
Upper Peninsula. Officers believe that all four of the animals died as
the result of illegal human activity.
In the most recent cases, two female wolves were found dead in
Iron County. One was located on Sept. 22, about seven miles north of
US-2, on the east side of Forest Highway 16. The other was located on
Oct. 2 near the Deerfoot Lodge Road, near the Fence River in
northeastern Iron County. Both animals had died from gunshot wounds.
Two wolf death cases remain under investigation in the eastern
Upper Peninsula. On Sept. 17, a wolf was found dead from a gunshot near
Krause Road, north of Engadine, in Mackinac County. Earlier, the radio
collar of another wolf was located in the Munuscong River, near
Pickford. While the collar clearly was cut from the animal with a knife
or other sharp instrument, the animal's remains have not been located to
determine the exact cause of death.
"It is certain that someone witnessed suspicious activity or has
heard talk of what may have happened to these animals," said Lt. Thomas
Courchaine, District Law Supervisor.
The DNR is seeking information about these open cases. Those
wishing to provide information are asked to contact the
Report-All-Poaching Hotline, 1-800-292-7800 or their local DNR
conservation officer. Tips can be provided anonymously.
The Grey Wolf is listed as an endangered species by the federal
government. The taking of a wolf is a misdemeanor, punishable by a
maximum of 90 days in jail and fines up to $1,000, as well as
restitution of $1,500 to the state for the loss of the animal. Federal
penalties could also be imposed.

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