Waterloo R.A. offers summer programs for kids: MI

Article Posted: June 18, 2002

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Waterloo R.A. offers summer programs for kids

The Waterloo Recreation Area in Chelsea today announced a weekly
schedule of fun programs for kids all summer long, starting June 19 at
the Eddy Discovery Center, 17030 Bush Road.

All programs, except Fishing for Beginners, will meet at 10 a.m.
at the Discovery Center each Wednesday through Aug. 7. A Michigan State
Park motor vehicle permit is required for entry. All programs are free.
Children must be accompanied by a parent or adult. Registration is
required. For more information, call 734-475-3170.

* June 19 - Frogs and Toads. Can you really get warts from toads? Where
do frogs and toads live during the winter? Learn about these amphibians
by playing a game and then taking a walk to search for them.
* June 26 - Taking the Ug Out of Bug. At times you may think of insects
as pests, but most are harmless and in many cases extremely beneficial.
This program discusses a number of common insects and their importance
and allows participants to take a closer look by catching and releasing
some insects found at the center.
* July 3 - Stream Search. Explore a stream to find out what critters
are living in it; catching a few and releasing them after a closer look.
Please wear old tennis shoes or boots, as you may get wet feet. For ages
seven and above.
* July 10 -Trail Treasure Hunt. Take a walk to discover a wealth of
nature's treasures to observe, discuss and check off your list. Prizes
will be awarded when the treasures are found.
* July 17 - Kids for the Environment. We all can do our part to reduce
our use of natural resources, recycle all we can, and reuse containers
and other materials that cannot be recycled. Play a game to learn what
can be recycled and take home some fun and valuable information.
* July 24 - Fishing for Beginners. Learn to bait a hook and try your
hand at casting, catching a fish-and releasing any that are caught. Meet
at Portage Lake in front of the concession building.
* July 31 - Animal Signs. Wildlife is not always seen, but animals
often leave behind evidence of their presence. Join other nature
detectives to look for animal homes and signs of animal activity.
* Aug. 7 - Snakes. Michigan is home to some 18 species of snakes, which
are not always appreciated for their important role in nature. This
program also features a video on the reclusive massasauga rattlesnake,
our only venomous snake, which currently is being considered for further
protection as a threatened species.

Source: MDNR

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