June public programs at Waterloo Recreation Area: MI

Article Posted: May 31, 2002

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June public programs at Waterloo Recreation Area

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources invites you to take part
in the upcoming programs planned for June at the Eddy Discovery Center
in the Waterloo Recreation Area. The center is located on Bush Road
between Pierce and McClure Roads in Chelsea. A state park motor vehicle
permit is required for entry. Permits are $4 for the day or $20 for an
annual, which is valid at any state park. Advance registration is
required for programs. There is a fee of $2/person or $5/family for the
Sunday programs, which are sponsored by the Waterloo Natural History
Association. Saturday programs are free.

* Walk to the Bog: Saturday, June 1, 2 p.m. On this two-hour walk we
will make several stops along the way to look at a variety of habitats
and make comparisons among them, particularly wetlands. We will spend
the rest of our time at the bog observing and discussing the
characteristics of this natural community and the unique plants that
live there.

* Incredible Insects: Sunday, June 9, 2 p.m. Gary Dunn, of the Young
Entomologists' Society, will present a fascinating 40-minute program
about insects, the world's most successful animals. Many live specimens
and artifacts will be featured. Come and get answers to your most
pressing insect questions.

* Nature's Tank, the Turtle: Sunday, June 16, 2 p.m. Naturalist Tom
Hodgson will introduce visitors to Michigan's native turtles and will
feature several live specimens and artifacts. Visitors will learn about
turtle biology and life cycles, and what to do when turtles are
encountered in the wild. Program length: 60 minutes.

* Invasive Species - Problem Plants: Saturday, June 22, 2 p.m. Join the
naturalist on this walk as we identify some of the plants that can
compromise the quality of, or even destroy, a habitat by taking over a
site and making it difficult for other plants and wildlife to survive.
We will discuss some of the problems that arise with these invaders--and
some possible solutions.

Source: MDNR

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