Article Posted: May 13, 2002

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LANSING--The Michigan Natural Resources Commission at its
regular monthly meeting today began making the annual
decisions to establish fall hunting regulations.
The Commission approved 2002 regulations for fall wild
turkey, season dates and management unit definitions for elk
hunting and beaver and otter trapping, and regulations for
2003 Quality Deer Management in Deer Management Unit 045 in
northwest Michigan. Commissioners also approved closure of a
woodcock management unit in Dickinson County as part of a
research effort involving state and federal researchers
throughout the Great Lakes region.
Michigan Department of Natural Resources Director K.L. Cool
approved fall 2002 wild turkey season dates and license
quotas and 2002 bear license quotas.
The NRC discussed 2002 deer hunting regulations, which
include several proposed changes designed to simplify
licensing and help protect Michigan against Chronic Wasting
Disease, a deadly disease of deer and elk. The proposed
regulations would eliminate applications, as well as
requirement of a tax identification number for private land
antlerless permits.
DNR staff presented a Chronic Wasting Disease update. In
response to the discovery of the disease in Wisconsin
earlier this year, the Commissioners are contemplating a
statewide ban on supplemental deer feeding and a uniform,
statewide deer bait limit of two gallons. Staff proposed
several measures to prevent CWD from reaching Michigan and
effectively responding if it should ever be discovered here.
"We must continue to work in partnership with hunters,
conservation groups, and other state agencies to prevent
this disease in Michigan," said Commissioner Bob Garner, who
chairs the NRC policy committee on wildlife issues. "Chronic
Wasting Disease is a very real threat to the future of
Michigan's deer population. It is our responsibility to
examine every possible option to keep it out of Michigan."
Further information on NRC action is available on the DNR
web site at The next regular meeting of the
Michigan Natural Resources Commission is June 6-7 at the
Tawas Bay Holiday Inn.

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