Article Posted: February 07, 2002

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LANSING--The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF)
Board of Trustees today held its first meeting of 2002 in
Lansing, reviewing a list of local government projects
recently completed with MNRTF assistance.
The Board is responsible for oversight of the MNRTF, which
provides financial assistance to the Department of Natural
Resources (DNR) and local governments for the acquisition of
land for resource protection and public recreation, and the
development of public outdoor recreation facilities.
During December 2001 and January 2002, final MNRTF grant
payments were made to the:
* City of Ann Arbor, to complete a $575,500 MNRTF grant for
acquisition of land to expand the Scarlett-Mitchell Woods
Outdoor Education Area.
* City of Lansing, to complete a $500,000 MNRTF grant for
expansion of the Lansing River Trail.
* City of Grand Rapids, to complete a $493,284 MNRTF grant
for renovations of the 6th Street Bridge Park.
* Grant Township, Keweenaw County, to complete a $120,000
MNRTF grant for a Lake Superior boardwalk project.
* City of Portage, Kalamazoo County, to complete a $113,000
grant project for expansion of the Portage Creek
Bicentennial Park Trail.
The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) staff reported on
lands recently optioned for purchase with MNRTF assistance,
* Additions to the Fish Point Wildlife Area in Tuscola
County, Crane Pond State Game Area in Cass County and Maple
River State Game Area in Gratiot County.
* Additions to the Bay City Recreation Area and Holly
Recreation Area.
* 6,000 acres of Keweenaw County property with pristine Lake
Superior shoreline.
The meeting also included a joint session with the Great
Lakes Fishery Trust (GLFT) Board of Directors. The two
boards heard staff presentations about local recreation
projects completed and underway across the state that have
been supported with grants from both the MNRTF and the GLFT.
Benzie County, the Village of Elberta, City of Ludington,
City of Detroit, City of Big Rapids and City of
Rogers City have all received support from the MNRTF to help
with a variety of park and trail
improvements, while also securing GLFT grants to develop
shore fishing access sites within or adjacent to the MNRTF-
assisted parks and trails.
The DNR staff reported on revenue projections for royalties
from the State-owned oil, gas, sand and gravel resources.
These royalties support the Trust Fund, which was
permanently established in the State Constitution in 1984.
State oil and gas resources are the largest source of
revenues to the MNRTF.
The MNRTF Board of Trustees is appointed by Governor Engler
and established within the Department of Natural Resources
(DNR). Members include: Dr. Gordon Guyer, East Lansing, who
is the current chair of the Board; Mr. Steven Arwood of St.
Johns; Mr. Jim Thompson of Reed City; Mr. Kevin Johnson of
Gaylord and Mr. Keith Charters of Traverse City, who is also
chair of the Natural Resources Commission.

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