Article Posted: July 24, 2001

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LANSING--Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials today announced the start of a major construction project, funded by the Clean Michigan Initiative, to improve the Copper Harbor Marina in Keweenaw County. The project, which began Monday, closes the marina to boaters for the remainder of this year's boating season.

According to Douglas Rich, Manager of Fort Wilkins State Park, the $733,000 project will include dredging and underwater stabilization of the piers, as well as upgrade the plumbing, electrical service and other services offered at the marina. Work to complete a new parking area, utility hookups, and additional dock space and finger piers will take place next spring.

"This work has been needed for a very long time," Rich said, "and although boaters will be somewhat inconvenienced now, beginning next summer the marina will be able to offer much better service to those who moor there."

Copper Harbor, an established Harbor of Refuge on Lake Superior, will continue to provide shelter to boats in the vicinity, especially during rough weather, however, they will need to anchor away from shore. No hookups or services other than emergency fuel will be available to boats using the harbor for the remainder of the season.

"Those boaters seeking a full-service marina in this area should moor at the Eagle Harbor Marina, located 12 miles west of Copper Harbor," Rich said.

The Clean Michigan Initiative, a comprehensive environmental bond program approved by voters in 1998, provides the Michigan Department of Natural Resources with $50 million to make infrastructure improvements at Michigan State Parks. These improvements, which rank among the DNR's highest priorities, include more than 230 projects at 53 state parks and recreation areas over the next five years. The improvements focus on five areas: water, electrical and sewage treatment systems, replacement of toilet and shower buildings, and road repairs.

For construction updates and more information on other state parks that may be experiencing temporary closures or delays as a result of CMI activities this summer, visit the DNR Web site at

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