Article Posted: January 30, 2000

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LANSING--The Michigan Department of Natural Resources
invites all Michigan youngsters, especially those 12 and
under, to become a member of the DNR Outdoor Explorers Club.
It's FREE!
All club members will be able to explore the GREAT Michigan
outdoors through a fun-packed newsletter featuring awesome
outdoor activities and adventures. Published four times each
year, the Outdoor Explorers Club newsletter features games,
riddles and activities for the younger reader. The
newsletter also includes some surprises for its readers,
such as the use of a special pine-scented ink in the winter
issue that showcased Hartwick Pines State Park and
Michigan's colorful logging past.
"The Outdoor Explorers Club newsletter was created because
the DNR is committed to creating new opportunities for
family interaction with educational activities that promote
fun, appreciation and knowledge of Michigan's great
outdoors," said DNR Director K.L. Cool.
In each colorful issue, filled with eye-grabbing graphics,
cartoon characters Sandy Dunes and Forrest Trails are joined
by youngsters Greta and Grady Lakes to provide a fun,
whimsical learning experience that really connects with kids
and adults, and has proven to be an effective way to
communicate concepts, attitudes and behaviors that lead
youngsters to appreciate our natural resources and become
active participants in enjoying Michigan's natural world.
"Incorporating this approach into some of our conservation
education plans helps the DNR to more effectively involve
youngsters and families with the outdoors, especially with
Michigan's world-class state parks system--the crown jewels
of our natural resources," Cool said. "It also helps us
communicate more of a 'fun' image, and I think that's
important in an age when so many different entities are
competing for the attention of kids."
More than 10,000 youngsters joined the Outdoor Explorers
Club during the past year, bringing total membership to more
than 30,000. "Our goal is to reach 200,000 by 2002, making
it one of the largest conservation youth groups in the
world," Cool said.
It is easy to become a member of the FREE Outdoor Explorers
Club. Kids can sign up on the DNR Web site at
www.dnr.state.mi.us or by mail. To join by mail, send a
completed registration form (available at DNR offices
statewide) or send a sheet of paper with your name, address,
phone number, date of birth and age to Explorers Club,
Department of Natural Resources, Box 30690, Lansing, MI
48909-8190. Parents, older brothers and sisters and
grandparents can help make sure all the information is
printed clearly.

Source: MDNR

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